The Mission

Like Mind Space is a collective of artists, performers, entrepreneurs, and medical professionals who have come together to remove the common consequences relating to mental illness and to support holistic living amongst creatives. 

Our primary focus is to guide creatives into finding their own economic health, mental well-being, and creative purpose.

We do this with the ongoing development of a 3 Step Holistic Recovery Program which scales according to the direct needs of our peers who join our collective.

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“We offer a 3 step program and support network for artists and creatives of all types working with mental health disorders to build mental, financial, and professional stability.”

About Like Mind Space

Like Mind Space believes that every creative deserves the opportunity to transcend their craft, beyond the limits of mental illness. The Like Mind Space supports artists to overcome the challenges of conditions including depression, PTSD, anxiety and bipolar disorder, so that they can create more productively and impactfully.


Through our holistic 3 step program, and our curated network of mental health professionals, Like Mind Space fosters the mental and physical wellness of artists in all mediums. By joining our collective and undergoing our program, artists are able to create the personal and professional stability necessary to a fulfilling and self expressed life. It is our mission to support artists to work with their mental health conditions and better understand themselves as individuals.


The Like Mind Space 3 Step Program is equipped with mindfulness tools, personal growth exercises, group support and opportunities for education and mentorship intended to help artists set the tone for their own economic, spiritual and creative breakthroughs. It is a step-by-step process of creative realization with measures of personal accountability that speaks to the minds of artists and performers directly. Our program guides artists to build more reliable conditions for living and working, connect with other artists, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals, and support for the effects of mental illness, while honoring the individual creative process of the artist themselves.

Online and beyond, Like Mind Space has created an innovative space dedicated to the personal development of artists that addresses the mental and emotional challenges they face every day. In our collective, creatives receive the help they need as well as the exposure their work deserves.

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