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Welcome to Like Mind Space. 


Like Mind Space is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Creative Collective, building a holistic mental wellness program for people who struggle with mental illness. We are a committed team of creatives, doctors, therapist and philanthropists who are working to build a step-by-step mental wellness program to sensitive creative people to discover a new level of physical, emotional, mental and economic stability.

Like Mind Collective


At Like Mind Space, we believe in the power of creativity. We believe that personal expression has the power to transform our society. We believe that sensitive creative people matter towards carving an accurate history, and we deserve the support we require in order to create.

We are the Like Mind Collective, and we are dedicated to building a safe environment for sensitive creatives to have a chance to succeed in the environment they deserve.


Like Mind Space an all-inclusive creative community established to give sensitive creatives a safe platform to transcend the obstacles in your life in spite of mental illness.


Our collective welcomes professional, aspiring, and developing creatives to become active members.  So if you are a visual artist, an actor, a writer, a comedian, a dancer, or a performance artist, and you are seeking to live, create or help your peers reach their highest potential, please consider our website as your personal invitation to become a Like Mind Space Collective Member.



At Like Mind Space, our primary focus is to guide sensitive creatives into finding their own economic health, mental well-being, and creative purpose.  It is our mission to support sensitive creatives to work with their mental health conditions and better understand themselves as individuals. 

Our vision


We are committed to helping sensitive creatives to discover their next level of creativity through physical, emotional, mental and economic stability.  We intend to do this by building a professional online platform large enough to support our step-by-step holistic mental wellness program.  


Online and beyond, we will build innovative creative spaces dedicated to the personal development of sensitive creative people. Our spaces will always address the mental and emotional challenges sensitive creatives often. 


At Like Mind Space. our like mind-ed creatives will always receive the help they need as well as the exposure their work deserves.

Our Program


Our Holistic Mental Wellness Program supports sensitive creatives to overcome the challenges of conditions including depression, PTSD, anxiety and bipolar disorder, so that they can create more productively and impactfully. 


Our program will be equipped with mindfulness tools, personal growth exercises, group support, and opportunities for education and mentorship intended to help creative people to set the tone for their own economic, spiritual, and creative breakthroughs. It is a step-by-step process of creative realization with measures of personal accountability that speaks to the minds of artists and performers directly. 

Step One

Providing creative resources as a physical tool for physical or emotional wellness.


Step Two

Online mental wellness support groups that use the process of creativity as a tool for mental wellness. 


Step Three

Online practical support groups that focus on creativity as a tool for holistic creative wellness.


Our program guides sensitive creatives to build more reliable conditions for living and working, connect with other artists, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals, and support for the effects of mental illness, while honoring the individual creative process of the artist themselves. 

Get involved Page

Support comes in many forms.

At Like Mind Space, all lovers of the arts are members of the Collective, and there are many ways to support our cause. 

*your financial donations fund the development of our program: 

*grant writing to cover the costs of our medical advisory teams

*in-kind gift to help us include elements such as retreats and classes 


If you would like to support Like Mind Space in other ways, we welcome any contribution to help our mission grow stronger. 

*consider gifting your time through volunteering with us, 

*offering your expertise 

*relevant resources to strengthen the development of the Collective. 


Together, our efforts make Like Mind Space and the Collective more powerful, dynamic, and accessible to artists.


If you’d like to make a donation or explore other ways to get involved or be of service to the Like Mind Space vision, get in contact with our program directors by emailing

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